(Dortmund, 16.07.2020) Pixelboxx GmbH not only wins new orders in the second quarter of 2020, but also three new, experienced employees from competing DAM providers. The goal is to continue the economic success of the first quarter and to secure the established, high quality standard of project and customer management for the next years. Jörg Elsdörfer, Stephan Kieslinger and Norbert Kerner are experienced players in the DAM industry. Together they have been working in the field of Digital Asset Management for over 13 years.

Pixelboxx sets up for the future of Digital Asset Management

The expansion of the internal digital structures should remain only a part of the long-term, strategic future orientation. The number of companies that are taking the path of digital transformation with the Pixelboxx is growing. This also applies to the company's product portfolio. In order to meet the demands of a growing and developing market, new product developments are constantly pushed. This is one of the reasons why the "newcomers" have decided to join the company. "On the other hand it was also the case that Pixelboxx will launch some new products. And these are just unbelievably interesting projects, which are still a bit in their infancy, but in my opinion and I think Stephan agrees with me, they have a lot of potential", says Norbert Kerner. This potential also convinced Jörg Elsdörfer: "In the area of development and new technologies, to bring these new technologies into the market, I saw the innovative power and that was the decisive factor for me to change to the Pixelboxx. In addition, Stephan Kieslinger refers to the open communication: "A decisive point why it became the Pixelboxx at the end of the day was the open manner of all participants in the discussions and also the view of the future.". 

New impulses for more automation and individualization: The success story continues

Changes always require new impulses. For the new team members these impulses were the development of interesting projects with a lot of potential, active design possibilities, as well as open and goal-oriented communication. For these reasons they decided to use the Pixelboxx. Similar to a multitude of companies, which have trusted the Pixelboxx for years in implementing their digital transformation. The Pixelboxx does not only convince its customers.

The Pixelboxx is at the center of digital transformation: For more than 20 years, the Pixelboxx team has been developing solutions for modern and efficient handling of media files. In 2020, the new corporate strategy brought about a differentiation of the own core competences into three business areas. Pixelboxx solutions can thus be optimally designed and implemented to meet modern customer and market demands.

You can find the detailed interview with Jörg Elsdörfer, Stephan Kieslinger and Norbert Kerner and ask them about what fascinates them about Digital Asset Management, about their goals with the Pixelboxx and their estimations about the future of DAM systems here.