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Pioneer of Digital Asset Management Solutions

For 20 years the Pixelboxx team has been developing solutions for modern and efficient handling of media files for large and small companies. Since 1999 the product, the Pixelboxx, is successfully used worldwide as a company-wide solution for the organisation, archiving, distribution, playout, and backup of digital media files in globally operating companies.

The portfolio of the Pixelboxx GmbH has grown with the requirements of the market and modern communication and offers comprehensive or special solutions around digital media, their workflows, and the integration with other communication solutions like CMS, Shop or PIM.

In addition to the core product, the Pixelboxx DAM, Pixelboxx offers its customers comprehensive support on the way of digital transformation through further products and solutions.

Take advantage of the more than two decades of experience in project realization in DAM of Pixelboxx analysts. With a maturity level approach, Pixelboxx offers a structured target-performance analysis of your media processes.

Our analysts show you synergies through the integration ability of the Pixelboxx DAM as media supplier for e-commerce, product information management or web content management. DAM, as a single-source media source, is an important part of an omnichannel strategy.

Our Pixelboxx DAM is also available as a turnkey and cost-effective cloud solution. The technical operation as well as the regular supply of software updates is done by our team, while you can fully concentrate on your content.

The Pixelbridge is an optimal complement to the DAM system and enables high-performance use and playout of your media on a wide range of websites and hosts - locally and globally, on the intranet and in the cloud.

Our portfolio is rounded off by our CDN offer. With a content delivery network based on Pixelboxx DAM and Pixelbridge, Pixelboxx offers you a very powerful platform for the delivery of images and videos for shop or web and protects your internet line from high traffic.


D-44135 Dortmund
Ostenhellweg 50-52

The nucleus of the Pixelboxx

In the beginning there was an idea. It arose from the cooperation with the Spiegel publishing house. In the Hamburg editorial offices, people know from daily experience about the power of visual impressions. "Pictures say more than a thousand words" - that is more than a proverb there, that's an established insight from many decades of journalistic work.

A central, online-supported administration and sales platform for image data of all kinds - that is it. Never again should even the supposedly most unimportant snapshot be lost because nobody has sorted it properly. A handful of like-minded people set up a new company in Dortmund. The name is as illustrative as the thing itself: Pixelboxx.

The first Pixelboxxes actually were small boxes. 40 by 40 by 40 centimeters edge length did the gray-colored server computers have, which went to the first customers. Today the company concentrates on the software business. The Pixelboxx runs fast and reliable on any contemporary hardware.

One Pixel ahead

Already the first Pixelboxxers cultivated the pragmatic handling with existing resources. In the beginning, the desk at home served as company headquarters, later the up-and-coming company moved to Ostenhellweg in Dortmund. With the down-to-earth attitude typical for the people of the Ruhr area, Pixelboxx survived even difficult times like the dotcom bubble at the beginning of the 2000s. Pixelboxx as a first mover in digital asset management is the most experienced player on the market today. The customers appreciate this and remain loyal.

2013 is the year of a soft advent: the company moves to new offices; the website gets a new coat of paint. Pixelboxx stays in motion. And therefore, stays the decisive pixel ahead of the competition for the foreseeable future.

The Pixelboxx has firmly established itself in the market of digital management systems and is constantly working to improve its products, services and to offer added value to its customers and partners.

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