Silos are there for a reason: don’t break them



Silos have a bad image these days. "Break the silos" is heard from all directions. After all, one of the main problems for companies today is to merge and make usable the available data that is scattered in different systems.

But, there are good reasons why silos exist. Having multiple systems (databases) that work independently solves a lot of problems. For example, it limits access to the data in a very secure way. If you allow outside access to a database that contains all the company's data, there is a risk that internal sensitive data could be compromised by unauthorised access.

The solution to these problems is to have multiple systems / databases and integrate them into a comprehensive data architecture.

Today, this integration is mostly done by building connectors that integrate the systems with each other by importing the systems' data reciprocally or into a data-carrying / consolidating system.

But the goals of a comprehensive data architecture are missed twice in this way. First, the goal of a data architecture is to create a comprehensive "single point of truth". However, with each new connector, they create a new version of their data.

The second point is that a data architecture should help a company pursue its overall business strategy. But what happens when that changes? What happens when new business cases need to be introduced and supported? Changing these connectors between systems, or creating new ones, takes a lot of time and effort.

What companies need are silos and a technology that allows data from the silos to flow together and between the silos, like roads between the houses of a city. The databoxx provides them with this technology. databoxx provides the technology to make your data architecture configurable.

So don't destroy your silos. You will need them in the future. Use and integrate them, the right way. databoxx provides you with the necessary technology to do this.


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