Digital Asset Management - Publication of Release Notes

From now on, we would like to provide you with a detailed insight into the technical documentation of Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management, so that you always have an overview of our product updates as well as new features.

(Dortmund, 08.02.2023) 

Starting in February 2023, we would like to start providing you with release notes on the latest versions of our Digital Asset Management. From now on, the publication of these technical documentations will take place once a quarter to inform you about the latest updates and versions of the Pixelboxx DAM system. 

You can view the individual release notes on our website (under the "Resources" tab) starting February 15, 2023. Furthermore, we will inform you about new releases and the related documentation on our social media channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

What are release notes?

Release notes represent the technical documentation that is created and published when a new software product or product update (e.g., new changes, feature enhancements, or bug fixes) is introduced. It briefly describes the product or succinctly addresses specific changes in the product update.

Note: While a release note provides relevant information about a new product or product update, it is not a substitute for a user manual or other detailed product documentation.

By publishing Release Notes on a regular quarterly basis, we want to ensure that you stay informed about new features and updates to the DAM system.

If you have any questions about new features and updates, please feel free to contact us!