Pixelboxx GmbH defies Corona and reports record order intake in the first quarter

published on 16.06.2020

Pixelboxx GmbH expands internal digitization and wins customers from the home office

The Pixelboxx takes the challenges of the Corona crisis as an opportunity to further develop internal digital structures. Not only the employees but also the customers benefit from the digitalization measures. The goal is the continuous automation and optimization of work processes. A prominent new customer is the Löhne-based baumann group.

The corona pandemic is presenting companies worldwide with organizational challenges. One measure in particular has become established to protect their own employees and to maintain everyday work structures: home office. Initial surveys from mid-March 2020 show that almost every second employee works at least partly from a home office* . However, this is only possible if the activity allows it and the technical requirements are given.

The Pixelboxx GmbH, as an established full-service software provider, could fall back on already existing structures in this situation. Nevertheless, the management took the given situation as an opportunity to further expand the working possibilities of the employees. Among the measures taken are:
- Acquisition of new mobile computing devices
- Expansion of internal Cloud Services
- Streamlining of the high-performance server structures

"The digitalization and increasing automation not only supports Pixelboxx GmbH and its employees, but also helps our customers to optimize their processes and thus increase their sales. We accompany and advise our customers on this way. " says Antonius Huerkamp, managing director of Pixelboxx GmbH.

The new measures are already showing effects: in the first quarter of the year new orders could be won, started and implemented from the home office. Prominent new customer with headquarters in Löhn is the Löhner baumann group.

The ability to recognize and implement potentials of digital features is the key to success: "We decided for the Pixelboxx, because it fulfills our requirements for an international group-wide digital asset management to 100% and furthermore offers further added value of the portal capability for the baumann group. We will use the Pixelboxx in sales and marketing internally and externally. We are convinced that we have made the right decision with Pixelboxx and are looking forward to the future cooperation" says Dennis Bischoff, Head of Marketing at baumann group.

Pixelboxx GmbH will implement the Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management as well as the Pixelboxx Portal. Furthermore, CMS Typo 3 and the catalogue production system FurniPrint/FurniData will be connected to the Pixelboxx DAM.

The Pixelboxx team has been developing solutions for modern and efficient handling of media files for over 20 years. Since 2000, the product, the Pixelboxx, is successfully used worldwide as a company-wide DAM solution. The continuous development of new modules and features is part of the new corporate strategy and will continue the success of the first quarter.

https://www.bitkom.org/Themen/Corona/Homeoffice-in-Zeiten-der-Corona-Pandemie (last update: "The Pixelboxx.., 29.05.2020)
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The Pixelboxx GmbH was founded in 2000 and is a pioneer of Digital Asset Management Solutions. The product, the Pixelboxx, is a company-wide solution for the organization, archiving, distribution, playout and backup of digital media files in globally operating companies and is successfully used worldwide.