Release 15.02.2023

DAM 4.1

Version 4.1 of Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management released

(Dortmund, 08.02.2023)

Version: Pixelboxx DAM 4.1 - Release on February 15, 2023 (TBC)
Renewals: Integration to Keycloak, Computed Fields, Rendering of Office Documents, Import Check and Portal Improvements.

Details about the new release version

Integration to Keycloak 

Keycloak offers single sign-out, which means that users log out only once to log out of all applications that use Keycloak.
Pixelboxx supports integration to Keycloak with release 4.1 and thus includes the additional features:  

  • Mapping of user roles 
  • Automatic creation of users 
  • 2 factor authentication

Login - Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management



Computed Fields 

The Computed Fields allow from now on to calculate field values automatically. In doing so, other fields of an asset can be accessed as well. 


  • Combination of field values, e.g. first name and last name 
  • Changing a status based on certain other values 
  • Reading image size in IPTC fields to classify an asset (e.g., "large," "medium," "small")


Example of Computed Fields


Create Computed Fields in admin area



Rendering of Office documents  

For Office documents that are imported into the Pixelboxx, preview images can now be calculated that allow a preliminary view of the document.


Document preview



Import Check 

When importing files, you can now configure what happens if the file already exists in the Pixelboxx. It does not matter whether the file is imported via hotfolder, via API or manually via the Pixelboxx UI. It can be distinguished whether the file name, the content of the file, or both are checked. If a duplicate is detected, the file can either be blocked, imported as a new version of the existing file, or imported in addition to the existing file if the option is switched off.


View of the import policy in the admin area



Portal Improvements 

Furthermore, numerous improvements have been implemented in the portal:

  • Configurable landing page with predefined filters 
  • Filtering by keywords 
  • Filtering in folders and facets 
  • Support for multiple languages 
  • Improved download function 
  • Improved customizing options