(Dortmund, 31.07.2020) The range of functions of the Pixelboxx portfolio is growing: the Creative PlugIn (developed in cooperation with CI HUB), known for the integration of the Pixelboxx DAM in Adobe Creative Suite applications, now also supports the Microsoft Office programmes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The native panel allows import, editing and export of assets from the DAM directly in the application.

Beta-Test succesfully completed

The range of functions is known from the use in the Adobe Creative Suite. The aim of the successful beta test phase was to guarantee this for the MS Office products as well. Users can now log into their Pixelboxx DAM via the native panel and retrieve assets from it. The role and rights management stored in the DAM is applied here.

More than just images: insert, check in, version easily

Assets include more file types than just images. By connecting Pixelboxx DAM and Creative PlugIn, users can now import Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from within the application into the DAM. This means that users no longer have to work outside the actual programme at any time, which considerably simplifies the workflow and prevents redundant data storage. The complete range of functions includes more than 60 features.

Simple activation by the Pixelboxx


Customers of the Pixelboxx and interested parties can have the Creative PlugIn for MS Office applications activated through their contact at the company. The extension can easily be installed as an add-in in the respective Microsoft application.

Pixelboxx is at the centre of the digital transformation: For more than 20 years, the Pixelboxx team has been developing solutions for modern and efficient handling of media files. In 2020, the new corporate strategy brought about a differentiation of the company's own core competences into three business areas. Pixelboxx solutions can thus be optimally designed and implemented to meet modern customer and market demands.


CI HUB Connector for Adobe CC and Microsoft
CI HUB Connector is a direct in-app connection for accessing brands' digital resources. The philosophy behind it is to connect all data management platforms across the entire marketing ecosystem - simply, quickly and efficiently.

Our portfolio of platform partners includes both on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions with data models for DAM, MAM, PIM, MDM and CMS. In addition, CI HUB supports stock providers and cloud storage services alongside specialised marketing data solutions.

Together with its system partners, CI HUB builds the best possible connectivity and is always motivated to provide customers with seamless access to the platforms in their marketing ecosystems such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Premiere Pro, Microsoft Power Point, Word and Excel.