Pixelboxx DAM 3.1 integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning

published on 28.02.2018

Pixelboxx uses in its new release in March 2018 for the Digital Asset Management (DAM) 3.1 the method artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The visual similarity search is a highlight of the new Version 3.1 of Pixelboxx DAM. With this function, users can search and find content more intelligently. The improved search makes it easier to find specific images by using any combination of keywords, sample images and sample colors. In addition, AI-supported auto keywording is used, which allows users to keyword their media files with even less effort and significantly better quality 

In addition to the new release Pixelboxx DAM 3.1 the company also offers two new modules: the Pixelboxx App and

Using the Pixelboxx App to load images into the DAM while on the road

With the new app, Pixelboxx users can upload and keyword mobile images from Android or iOS devices into the central Digital Asset Management System. This way, e.g. pictures taken by employees or photographers at trade fairs, events or at work can be published or processed immediately outside the office with all advantages of a Pixelboxx DAM. Content editors can thus use these media promptly, for example on their website, on social media platforms or in the intranet.

Work on and offline with Pixelboxx Drive

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With Pixelboxx Drive editing and versioning of Pixelboxx assets is now even easier. Because Pixelboxx Drive allows to use Pixelboxx content via a folder in the Finder on- and offline. The content of the Pixelboxx is synchronized into a local directory. With this directory, desktop and notebook users can now access individual assets. They can check them out, edit them and check them back in as a new version. This is a big advantage especially for media production.