Seidensticker replaces Cumulus Enterprise System with Pixelboxx DAM 4.0


Short message - April 2022

Seidensticker replaces Cumulus Enterprise System with Pixelboxx DAM 4.0

The Seidensticker GmbH & Co. KG has commissioned Pixelboxx GmbH to replace the existing on premise DAM system Cumulus Enterprise. 

In addition to the Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management System 4.0, the new AI-supported system Databoxx will be used to enable a bidirectional data exchange between the Pixelboxx DAM and other systems. Using a migration tool developed by Pixelboxx, data from the Cumulus system is automatically transferred to Pixelboxx. 

This creates the basis for providing and playing out content from the Pixelboxx for a wide variety of channels via automated output processes. The Pixelboxx REST API, the Pixelbridge and the Pixelboxx Fastscaler form the technical implementation basis for this. Through the rejection process, target formats are converted on-the-fly for the various requirements of the target channels, i.e. in different sizes, as clippings, cut-outs and much more.

Are you considering replacing an existing DAM system to take advantage of the possibilities of the new system generation Pixelboxx DAM 4.0? Contact us here, we will be happy to advise you and currently offer discounted conditions to make the change easier for you.