Mit der Pixelboxx-DAM-Erweiterung für PowerPoint lassen sich Bilder direkt innerhalb des Programms suchen und in eine Präsentation integrieren. Sie profitieren von unserer Strategie der funktionalen Integration.

Product development: PowerPoint Plug-In


Simplify work processes:

The Pixelboxx-DAM-Extension for PowerPoint allows to search for images directly within the program and to integrate them into a presentation. You benefit from our strategy of functional integration.

Pixelboxx provides functions like search or optimized scaling of images during download, where Pixelboxx DAM users need it. For your employees this makes the work with digital media easier and faster in their daily life. Without leaving the application, authenticated employees have access to all assets, which they can also access in the DAM interface. So as an organization, you retain full control over the media. Nevertheless, your marketing or sales teams always have the latest images at their disposal.

After the installation of the plug-in, which can also be conveniently distributed to all workstations via a central server, users can access the functions in Microsoft PowerPoint via the tab "Pixelboxx".

The colleagues remain in the context of their current work. This promotes and supports concentrated work. Via a search entry, all relevant assets are retrieved from the connected Pixelboxx DAM. Users can select the desired asset by displaying thumbnails and integrate it into the presentation with a single click. In order to optimize the file size of the presentation and always achieve an ideal image quality, the Pixelboxx scaling parameters are applied. The results are perfect visual elements in PowerPoint presentations.

Looking to the future

We are also working on adding plug-ins for other programs. So that, you can use these advantages not only in PowerPoint The PowerPoint Plug-In for Windows is available from Pixelboxx DAM 3 on.