Pixelboxx DAM 4.1 - Discover the new features now


On 2/15/2023 the new version of our Digital Asset Management system will be released. Version 4.1 makes managing your assets even easier and more comfortable. Besides the addition of Computed Fields, the new features concern the portal and the file import into Pixelboxx, as well as a new integration to Keycloak. Below we explain the new features in detail.


Keycloak Integration 

The release of Pixelboxx 4.1 enables the integration of the Identity & Access Management system (IAM) Keycloak with the Pixelboxx DAM for the first time. It regulates the login and verification of users as a single sign-on solution for connected systems: this means by verifying with one of the services, the user can login to all other connected software solutions via Keycloak without having to re-verify each time. The IAM system is an open source solution and is therefore available for implementation in the cloud and on-premise. 

By integrating this service, users can be automatically created in the Pixelboxx. Using Keycloak's 2-factor authentication, you can verify your users to prevent unwanted access to your system. Furthermore, it is possible for you to combine different user roles in folders and thus implement a multi-layered role system in your DAM.


Computed Fields 

The new Computed Fields allow you to calculate field values automatically and also access other fields of an asset. 

This results in the following possible applications, for example: 

  • Combining field values such as first name and last name
  • Changing the status of an asset based on certain other values in the file
  • Classify assets by reading their image size using metadata fields in the IPTC standard, such as large, medium, and small

Example of a Computed Field


Create Computed Fields in admin area



Document preview  

When importing Office documents into the Pixelboxx, the system will automatically create preview images in the future. This allows you to see the files you need at a glance.


Document Preview



Import Check 

You can define what should happen when files that already exist in the Pixelboxx are imported again. The import of the duplicate can either be blocked or replace the old file as the new version. If you deactivate this option, the file can still be inserted into the Pixelboxx in addition to the existing file. This function works regardless of the type of import and is thus available for file import via hotfolder, API and manually via the Pixelboxx UI. You can have both the file name or the content checked for duplication separately, or both together.


View of import policy in admin area



Portal enhancements  

The new portal provides external users with the ability to find and download assets even easier and faster. We've added a filter by keyword, as well as the ability to filter by different criteria within folders and facets. Also, from version 4.1, the landing page can be freely configured using predefined filters. In general, the portal has received some improvements with regard to the customizing options. In addition, the portal now supports several other languages besides German to make your system internationally usable and to facilitate use in multinational companies. The download functions from the portal have also been optimized.