Embrace Change: Make Change a Part of your DNA



The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Listening to the news, one is almost overwhelmed by the multitude of crises the world is currently facing, be it climate change, the current pandemic or even a global change in politics, just to name a few. In addition, there are more and more technologies that are developing at an ever faster pace. All this leads, among other things, to a permanently changing behaviour of the people who live in this world.

This inevitably leads to changes within society, e.g. new social trends that spread increasingly quickly through new technology-driven forms of communication. In addition, governments intervene in society in a regulatory way in order to support desired trends in a targeted way and thus accelerate them, e.g. through subsidies (see e.g. electric vehicles).

A particularly prominent example of changes in the world, their influence on society, and their reinforcement by governments, is the current pandemic, which has led to uncertainty and social distancing within the population, reinforced by the lockdown imposed by governments worldwide.

All this leads to changes in the needs within society, be it a sudden increased demand for electric vehicles, which has a great impact not only on the manufacturers themselves, but also on many industries involved in the process, such as banks, insurers, dealers, petrol stations, etc.. Or be it an increased need for remote communication tools and digital business models due to the lockdown.

Time and again, such changes, sometimes at very short notice, present companies with the challenge that previously well-functioning and profitable business models no longer work, or at least work much worse than they did just a few months or even weeks ago. In such cases, a very fast adaptation, i.e. a very fast establishment of new business models is the key to survival, a classic evolutionary scenario in the sense of "survival of the fittest". And as evolution shows, the adaptable species are the clear winners.

But how exactly can you ensure that your company is one of the winners? Well, evolution gives you an answer to that too: by making change part of your company's DNA.

And this is where the problem begins, at the latest. With increasing digitalisation in companies, more and more of the products and services offered are software-based or even purely software-based. On the one hand, this makes it possible to adapt these products and services much more quickly, but on the other hand, it also makes the software systems more and more complex, and IT as such more and more important, even indispensable, for companies. This puts increasing pressure on IT departments in companies. IT must become more and more reliable and robust; on the other hand, its complexity is growing. If one now adds the increasing need for change described above to this equation, the result is a self-reinforcing inability of companies to act.



So how is change supposed to be inserted into the DNA of a company when the reality of the company consists of ever longer lasting changes, "historically grown" monolithic applications and an infrastructure of diverse individual systems (silos)?

This is where databoxx comes into play. The databoxx enables you to create flexible, iteratively adaptable applications from your existing environments, and even to make the architecture of your infrastructure adaptable.

The databoxx is the missing building block in your DNA to make your company a member of an adaptable species.

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