Is databoxx for me?


After writing two blog posts about how much we have our finger on the pulse of technology with our new product, the databoxx, many people may ask, but what is this databoxx anyway, is it for me?

In any case, the answer would be: yes, absolutely. As long as your task has anything to do with data in digital form, the databoxx can do quite a bit for you, and it does it quite simply. The complexity that comes with working with digital data is up to the databoxx, not you.

In companies the data is often located in different, scattered systems, or must be written there. The databoxx is designed to bring these scattered systems together, automatically and self-learningly, without you having to worry about things like joins, data structures, data-carrying systems, etc. etc.

You have a business case that requires data from different systems - databoxx is for you, especially for you. But even if you only have one system, but the UI does not meet the users' requirements, or you need to map a specific task that the system does not provide - databoxx is for you. And even if you don't have a system at all, but just want to merge data from different APIs available online - databoxx is for you. You write blog posts and want to post them on different portals veröffentlichen - databoxx is for you. You want to merge science feeds and research them, and have them flow into your own scientific articles - databoxx is for you. The same works, of course, with your own content that is hidden on fileshares in PDF documents.

There are almost no limits to the possible applications of databoxx.

I myself am one of the pilot customers of databoxx. As Product Owner I work with many different systems. There is Jira, Confluence, Gitlab and many more. And since I am the Product Owner of various products, it is difficult to keep track of them all. There are requirements to collect, user stories to write, sprints to define and keep track of, progress to track and report, product quality to track, and and and ... and all this for multiple products. In the next blog post I will show you how simple the world can become when you combine all systems under one roof (or better UI) and can display and change the data in the way and at the places you need for your individual way of working.

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