Why choose Pixelboxx DAM?

Choose the Digital Asset Management pioneer

  • High Performance

    Optimised for large data volumes, flexible high-speed data distribution and real-time availability.
  • Media-independent data storage

    Media-independent workflows and cross-media publishing without media discontinuity.
  • Targeted access rights

    Organise user rights in a simple manner: assign user-specific rights for members of staff, business partners or service providers.
  • Interfaces and integration

    Pixelboxx DAM is compatible will all other solutions and can be seamlessly integrated into any IT environment.
  • Complete solution

    Flexible licensing model, unlimited number of users, not client-based, fast ROI, data integration across the company.
  • Standard for SMEs and industry

    As a first mover in the area of web-based Digital Asset Management, Pixelboxx belongs to the set of standard instruments of any corporate portfolio.

Full control of your media data

Work more efficiently thanks to Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management

Texts, images, films: the flow of media data is constantly rising. Is this true for your company too? Thanks to Pixelboxx, remain in control of all your media contents, whatever their format or purpose. 

For example: your company needs a printed brochure, a website and a presentation on the same subject. With Pixelboxx DAM, you can find all the required contents in just a couple of clicks and supply them in whatever format you need – anywhere in the world! Why is it so simple? Because the contents are accessed via a web browser!

Put some order in your media data! Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management has been used by market leaders on a daily basis for years. Tap into this wealth of experience and let Pixelboxx DAM win you over! 

The multiple usages of media contents have never been easier, more streamlined or faster. Especially your marketing department will benefit from it!

Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management
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Pixelboxx Digital Asset Management at a glance

Pixelboxx DAM - Campus

Pixelboxx DAM as a purchased licence. One single payment. Also available with a software maintenance contract.


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Pixelboxx DAM - Campus

Pixelboxx DAM in the cloud. Take the plunge directly thanks to this comprehensive, worry-free package as a turnkey system – at an amazing price!


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Pixelboxx DAM - Campus

Pixelboxx DAM Campus model. Good value, efficient solution for bargain hunters whose own infrastructure is already in place.


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For even more drive in your workflow

Pixelboxx Drive links DAM to your everyday applications

Once again, Pixelboxx DAM sets the trend as a pioneer in using Digital Asset Management Adobe Drive. By doing so, Pixelboxx DAM is directly joining hands with the Creative Suite® manufactured by Adobe, the unrivalled market leader in the field of media processing.

Adobe’s Creative Suite® includes Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign® und InCopy®, amongst others. Adobe Drive is available for free for Windows and Mac OS and is an integral component of Adobe’s Creative Suite®

It is not limited to Adobe products: instead, it integrates general data sources which apply the open CMIS standard – such as Pixelboxx DAM. Use your favourite media processing applications and all Pixelboxx functions seamlessly!

You can access your data directly via your operating system or your application’s context menu. This way, Pixelboxx makes using your media files even easier and more practical

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