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"Data is the oil, some say the gold, of the 21st century - the raw material our economies, societies and democracies are increasingly being built on."

---- Joe Kaeser, CEO Siemens AG


Data - why is it the fuel for digital transformation?

The digital transformation is causing significant changes in many areas, but conversely, there are also many changes that are driving the digital transformation.

Many of these changes we are currently experiencing are driven by one key factor: Data. All digital technologies introduced in the context of digitalisation have one crucial outcome: they produce large amounts of data.

So far, digitalisation in many companies has been driven by the digitalisation of processes in their daily environment. And databoxx can support you here by enabling you to map these processes quickly and easily, by configuration, in a virtual application. You can adapt this flexibly to changing requirements at any time.

But digitalisation or digital transformation does not end here. And so do the possibilities of databoxx.

The innovations that come about through digital transformation are driven by data. The more data available, the more opportunities for innovation arise.

But setting up processes to collect data is very time-consuming. Data has to be collected from different data sources, transformed and merged. With databoxx, you can do all of this by configuration, and thus get appropriate processes up and running very quickly.

The design of data generation processes can have a major impact on data quality, and thus lays the foundation for what you can do with your data. Data generation processes are rarely designed specifically for the analyses / applications for which the data will later be used. This means they often need to be adapted or supplemented.

The flexibility you have in doing this by using databoxx benefits you here.




Use databoxx as a central hub for your data generation processes and get the necessary fuel for your digital transformation quickly and flexibly. Data is the new oil, get yours and let it work for you!

databoxx - let your data work for you.

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