Fast Data - Another Step Ahead


Fast Data - Another Step Ahead

In this blog series we introduce our new product, the databoxx. The first article dealt with the essential aspect of databoxx, virtualisation. To be precise, the virtualisation of complete applications. This is, as already described, the actual goal we have set ourselves with the databoxx.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with the databoxx, here is what the databoxx does in two sentences:

The databoxx makes it possible to build virtual cross-system applications very quickly and flexibly. In this way the application landscape of our customers becomes flexibly adaptable to changing requirements.

In order to achieve this, admittedly ambitious goal, we use other key concepts from IT. These include, for example, "infrastructure as code" from the DevOp environment, in order to connect the source systems that are to be connected to the databoxx simply and only by configuration. Self-learning concepts from the AI environment also play an important role in order to enable automatic joining and merging of data from the various source systems.

However, the "Fast Data" concept from the Big Data environment, which is one of the basic concepts of databoxx, is decisive. Because if different systems are to work together like a normal application with all its reading and writing Zugriffen, the availability of the distributed data in almost real time plays a decisive role.

So what is this Fast Data, many will ask themselves. Big Data is now well known, albeit more as a long-running batch process. And this is what real-time is all about.


The goal of Fast Data is to access structured and unstructured data as quickly as possible. The databoxx must be able to retrieve, analyse, merge and transform the data from the source systems for use in the virtual application in almost real time. And, of course, an application also involves the reverse process of writing back changed data and adding new data to the source systems.

And that is why the databoxx, among many other things, is first and foremost a

Fast Data Platform.

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